Use TFT Touchscreens for Cost Effective Product Upgrades

The ALMAX TFT touchscreen makes it possible to upgrade product functionality without re-designing the interface. The touchscreen provides increased capability while preserving the simple switch functionality of the original membrane keypad. It does this with an interface module that manages an RS-485 serial interface and graphically replicates the original keypad.

Membrane switch replaced by TFT Touchscreen

The ALMAX TFT touchscreen can be used as a drop-in replacement for an existing keypad or can be tailored to better suit product applications. The touchscreen can accommodate either multiplexed or non-multiplexed keypad configurations and it can display a range of graphic elements including graphic LEDs, button highlights and product branding.

The ALMAX TFT touchscreen delivers higher RS-485 networking capability than a traditional membrane keypad. The RS-485 bus is accessed directly, minimizing the interconnect requirements at the application board. This enables much longer cable runs and allows multiple displays to be accessed on a single RS-485 bus.

TFT Touchscreen Key Benefits

  • Upgrade existing product without triggering interface re-design
  • Increase keypad functionality while preserving simple user interface
  • Highly customizable command interface
  • Improved RS-485 networking capability
  • Branding and nomenclature communicated in high resolution color

TFT Touchscreen Specifications

  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Color TFT touchscreen display
  • Touch screen sizes: 1.8”, 2.4”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5” and 7”
  • On-board graphics processor and touch screen manager
  • Multiplexed or non-multiplexed switch interface
  • RS-485 serial interface
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