RS-485 Keypad Networking Made Easy

ALMAX intelligent keypad technology dramatically simplifies remote RS-485 keypad networking. With the intelligent keypad technology, a single 4-wire interconnect can support:

  • Up to 64 keys and 64 onboard LED indicators
  • Multiple remote keypads on a single 4-wire bus
  • Power and communication up to 100 meters (328’)
  • Standard hardware-to-bus interface configurations
  • Customized hardware-to-bus interface configurations


RS-485 Keypad Networking Under Harsh Conditions

ALMAX intelligent keypad technology makes it cost-effective and easy to deploy RS-485 keypad networking even in harsh, marine, medical, or other challenging environments.

Available RS-485 Keypad Technologies

A full range of interface solutions can be integrated into the intelligent keypad technology including:

RS-485 Keypad Intelligent Networking Applications

RS-485 keypad intelligent networking applications include:

  • Heavy Industrial
  • Light Industrial
  • HVAC
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