Back-lit Keypads

backlit membrane switch

ALMAX offers four back-lighting technologies for your membrane switches and rubber keypads:

  • MaxFilm proprietary back-lighting
  • LED back-lighting
  • Fiber optic back-lighting
  • Electroluminescent back-lighting

We can integrate lighting into specialty switches and offer multiple colors to meet your brand and product requirements.  Additionally, our proprietary MaxFilm back-lighting technologies provides consistent lighting of large areas at a reasonable price point.

MaxFilm Back-Lighting

MaxLight Membrane switch LogoOur proprietary MaxFilm back-lighting technology adds illumination to icons and large areas of membrane switch graphics without the high cost and limitations of other back-lighting methods such as fiber optics or electroluminescent.

MaxFilm Back-Lighting Key Benefits

  • Lights Large Areas
  • Durable Construction
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Low Energy Needs
  • Greater Luminous Output Than Fiber Optics
  • Typically Lower Cost

LED Back-Lighting

LED technology produces clean clear light with very low energy needs.  Not only does our LED process create a more durable illumination than any membrane switch back-light, but it also allows for greater flexibility during design.

LED Back-Lighting Key Benefits

  • Durable construction
  • Multiple colors available
  • Low energy needs
  • Greater luminous output than fiber optics

Fiber Optic Back-Lighting

Fiber optic back-lighting typically gives a higher total light illumination than you will get from other back-lighting technologies. You can integrate fiber-optic technology into nearly any membrane switch or product.

Fiber Optic Back-Lighting Key Benefits

  • High Light Output
  • Low Energy Needs

Electroluminescent Back-Lighting

ALMAX can integrate electroluminescent, or EL lighting, into membrane switches, flat panel displays and other electronic interface assemblies.  Virtually any size electronic interface can be lit using electroluminescent lighting technology.   Our electronics manufacturing expertise makes us an ideal supply chain partner for EL lit interfaces, either full assemblies or discrete components.

Electroluminescent Back-Lighting Key Benefits

  • Low energy needs
  • Uniform luminous output
  • Very thin construction
  • Multiple colors available
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