Tactile Silicone Rubber Keypads

Tactile rubber keypads offer an alternative look and feel to more common polyester or polycarbonate switch overlays.  They are compression-molded silicone rubber actuators with or without a conductor on the bottom of each key.  A flexible PCB provides the circuitry traces while the silicone rubber keypad acts as the overlay and the shorting pad.

silicone rubber keypad

Tactile Silicone Rubber Keypad Manufacturing Capabilities

Our tactile silicone rubber keypad manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Domestic and off-shore rubber keypad prototypes
  • Order size flexibility from one piece to 1000+
  • Fully custom complete silicone rubber keypad assemblies
  • Carbon impregnated silicone
  • Conductive contacts
  • Gold plated rigid PCB
  • Gold plated copper flex PCB
  • Carbon coated silver flex PCB
  • Screen printing
  • Laser etching
  • Rubber keypad backlighting
  • Engineering support to realize your switch technology

ALMAX is a full-service custom rubber keypad manufacturer so you can source your keypad from the PCB through the final overlay.

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