Rubber Keypads for Any Environment

ALMAX manufactures a full line of rubber keypads including tactile rubber keypads, non-tactile rubber keypads and molded plastic keypad systems.  Rubber keypad decoration options include embossing, etching and the inclusion of our proprietary MaxFilm lighting for back-lit rubber keypads.  We manufacture custom rubber keypads, however, we do have standard designs you can use for inexpensive, fast rubber keypad product development.  Our deep expertise in switch electronics through custom rubber keypad production ensures your rubber keypad will not only look fantastic, it will function as designed.

Why ALMAX for Your Rubber Keypad

  • 20 Years of rubber keypad design expertise
  • Deep knowledge of the switch electronics under your rubber keypad
  • Extensive rubber keypad product line
  • Backlit rubber keypads utilizing MaxFilm proprietary back-lighting
  • Rubber keypad design and engineering support
  • Flexible lead times – 5-day prototypes through standard production
  • Competitive pricing – off-shore and domestic
  • US based engineering and customer service teams
  • Easy ordering – purchase order or major credit card

When to Specify a Rubber Keypad

A rubber keypad is the best solution for applications that require low production cost and responsive switching solutions. Rubber keypads are also an excellent solution for demanding environments.  Rubber keypads also offer an alternate look and feel to the more commonly used polyester or polycarbonate overlays.

Rubber keypads are compression-molded silicone rubber actuators with or without a conductor at the bottom of each key. A flexible printed circuit board, or PCB, provides the circuitry traces while the rubber keypad acts as the overlay and shorting pad.

By selecting a rubber keypad made of silicone rubber, you gain an interface that is virtually weather resistant. These keypads are not easily affected by moisture, dust, vibration and shock, so they can be used in the harshest environments.

Ruggedization is not at the expense of your company’s brand identity as the rubber can be screen printed to your specifications.

No matter how complex your key shape requirement might be, ALMAX can manufacture your design because silicone rubber can be easily molded. Additionally, a rubber keypad is extremely safe owing to the fact that silicone rubber offers high electrical resistance.

We Manufacture Rigid and Flex PCBs

ALMAX is unique in our ability to manufacture the rubber keypad and the circuit boards at our factories.  We manage all production in-house believing higher quality is achieved with the reduction of component sourcing.

Ready to Streamline Your Supply Chain?

We supply rubber keypads to global OEMs, mid-size companies and single person start-ups.  If you want a single rubber keypad prototype built – we can do that.  If you want help combining a rubber keypad into a complex integrated assembly perhaps including a membrane switch or other HMI input device – we can do that too.

Because of our product depth and manufacturing control we can often produce custom rubber keypads at prices similar to an off-the-shelf product.  Our responsive sales team will quote most rubber keypad products within 24 hours and our North American engineering support can help with your rubber keypad design or provide manufacturing cost assessments.

From a simple rubber keypad to a back-lit etched beauty, ALMAX has the rubber keypad manufacturing breadth you need to simplify your electronic supply chain, increase your product quality and reduce your rubber keypad pricing.

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Rubber Keypad Product Line

Rubber Keypad Prototype Samples
tactile rubber keypad
Non-tactile rubber keypad
molded plastic rubber keypad
back-lit rubber keypad