Sealed Membrane Switches For Harsh Environments

ALMAX manufactures sealed membrane switches as a high-reliability alternative to traditional adhesive bonding.  A sealed membrane switch eliminates the need for external vending so you get superior resistance to dirt, cleaning solvents and moisture than are provided by a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive or PSA membrane switch.

industrial membrane switch in metal housing

Sealed Membrane Switches: Key Benefits

  • Higher reliability in harsh environments
  • Superior lamination strength
  • No external venting
  • Protection of switch back-lights
  • Easy to shield
  • Thin format applications are possible
  • Utilizes polyester or metal dome contacts
  • Silver or copper PCB solutions
  • Full color graphic overlays
  • Hardcoats available for graphic overlays

Sealed Switch Applications

  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Installations
  • Wearables – Consumer or Industrial
  • Consumer Wet Environments

Use A Heat Sealed Switch To Protect Your Electronics

A membrane switch makes an excellent choice for humid or potentially wet environments – but only if the switch electronics are properly sealed.

Inadequate sealing of switch layers is a common cause of membrane switch failure. If the switch electronics are not properly sealed, moisture can penetrate the membrane switch and cause intermittent or complete switch failure. To prevent this, membrane switch layers should be sealed with heat under pressure.

Expertise Is Needed For Your Sealed Switches

Sealing a membrane switch is a manufacturing capability well outside of typical nameplate or graphic overlay companies. It is best to use a single-source supplier for your membrane switch electronics, sealed switches, and your graphic overlay. This ensures you get a properly sealed interface.

Sealed membrane switches can be an economical solution for some product designs. Heat sealing adds processing time and material cost, even in a small waterproof switch, but those up-front costs may be offset by a reduction in product field failures. And a sealed membrane switch is likely a lower-cost solution than a rubber keypad or other ruggedized switching solution.

Why Use ALMAX’s Waterproof Membrane Switch?

Our engineering teams are experts at evaluating your waterproof tactile membrane switch needs and pricing parameters at no charge.

Use our free design review service to determine if a sealed switch is a cost-effective and reliable electronic interface for your product.

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