SensTouch Membrane Keypad

SensTouch membrane keypads use a patented printed electronic technology to re-create the feel of a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost.  ALMAX is a manufacturer of SensTouch capacitive membrane keypads.

SensTouch Membrane Keypad

SensTouch Membrane Switch Benefits

  • Ultra-thin footprint
  • Functional with non-metallic actuators
  • Quick closure response
  • Low actuation force
  • Simplified electronics
  • Easily combined with controller electronics

SensTouch Switch Applications

  • Thin form factors
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Medical
  • Industrial

Membrane Keypad Actuation with Gloves

Gloved hands will actuate SensTouch non-tactile membrane keypad. These membrane keypads are fully functional when actuated with gloves or other non-metallic actuators.  They are ideal for medical and industrial environments where worker safety demands hand protection.

Multiple I/O Membrane Keypad

SensTouch membrane keypads combine easily with other electronic interface components.  They are a cost effective way to create interfaces with multiple membrane keypads or other types of user inputs frequently required for industrial controls.

Tightly spaced contact pad capabilities can achieve high nomenclature density, so it may be possible to eliminate unneeded switches from your complex interface assembly.

Upgrade Your Membrane Keypad – Not Your Costs

SensTouch membrane keypads permit the use of thicker graphic overlay materials.  Design options include a smooth, glass-like finish or brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look.  And because of their reasonable cost, SensTouch membrane switches may enable you to upgrade the design appeal of your product while holding or possibly reducing the cost of the membrane switch on your product’s BOM.

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