Durable Membrane Keypads

ALMAX offers alternate membrane switch constructions to create thin profile designs that work without scraping, flexing, grinding or other material compromise associated with traditional membrane switches.

Duraswitch membrane switch with thin coat rotor

Fully Custom

ALMAX can design higher reliability components into your new or existing custom membrane switch.

Alternate constructions include:

  • Thin Rotors
  • Push Gates
  • Large Buttons

Thin Rotor Benefits

  • Lowest Profile Encoder
  • Low Cost
  • Flat Panel Integration on Flex Circuits
  • Saves Power
  • 100,000 Rotations
  • Environmentally Sealed Circuit
  • Eliminates Through-Holes
  • Easily Integrated with Pushgate and Magnamouse
  • Multiple Codes and Indexing Options
  • No Soldering Required

Push Gate Benefits

  • 30 Million Plus Actuations
  • Normally Closed / Open Safety Switch
  • Tactile Feel Does Not Change
  • Impossible to Tease
  • High Impact-Vandal Resistant
  • Large Key Option
  • Dual Output
  • Illumination Options
  • Extreme Altitude / Temp.
  • Peel & Place

Large Button Benefits

  • Cursor Control – Ultra Thin
  • Over 1 Million Actuations
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Low Cost
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Self Centering
  • Integration
  • Low Profile
  • Digital or Analog

Unsure if higher reliability or larger size is right for your product?

Contact our engineering team to discuss your design – 888-211-6325 or info@almaxeis.com.

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