ALMAX introduces The MaxRotor®, a non-invasive, low-profile encoder that allows for a more diverse array of keypad design options. As the only rotary switch that can be mounted directly to a flexible circuit, the MaxRotor®, makes design integration easier than ever.  Expanding thin-panel design possibilities while conveniently fitting into a conventional flat panel interface is what this rotor was made for. A thin, lightweight component with built-in sealing capabilities prevents the introduction of contaminants and allows for an extended lifespan.


  • Quadrature (Repeating 2 bit Gray Code) & Binary (Repeating 2 bit)
  • Analog Potentiometer (1K-10K ohm)
  • Detents (0, 16, 24)
  • Sweep (300°, 360°)
  • Pushbutton actuation
  • Custom knob design
  • ALMAX stock knob
  • Assembly also accepts many other standard knobs
  • Flex tails of any length with ZIF or crimpled pins (male or female)


  • >100,000 Rotations
  • >1 Million Actuations (pushbutton option)
  • 3 to 30 VDC
  • 10mA
  • 100mW Maximum


  • -40°C to 85°C
  • 95% RH

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