A Trusted Suppler of Industrial Keypads

Rubber keypad with rugged touch screen and silver flex tail

ALMAX has been a trusted electronic keypad supplier to industrial device manufacturers for over twenty years. Our interface technologies are found in handheld multi-meters to control panels installed on off-shore oil rigs.


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Full Suite of Industrial Applications

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we can design and build your industrial switch from the electronics up to the nomenclature.  In addition to full industrial keypad assemblies, we can provide discrete components and have reliably delivered ruggedized switch electronics to our nameplate and re-sellers customers.

  • Sealing technologies to protect switch electronics from fumes or exposure corrosive agents
  • Waterproofing for switch electronics used in marine or other wet environments
  • Capacitive solutions that will respond to gloved finger actuation
  • Robust materials to develop “heavy weight” switches capable of withstanding mechanical force
  • Durable bonding solutions
  • Ruggedized enclosures or bezels
  • Impact resistant touch screens
  • Overlays and surface coatings that resist chipping or peeling and hold up to UV exposure

Ready to Streamline Your Supply Chain?

We supply industrial keypads to global OEMs as well as single piece prototypes to VC seeking start-ups.  If you want ruggedized industrial keypad electronics without the graphic overlay – we can do that.  If you want a complete industrialized keypad including a value engineering and design support – we can do that too.

Because of our product depth and manufacturing control we can often produce custom industrial keypads at faster and at a lower price than keypads sourced through multiple suppliers.

Industrial Keypad Purchasing Support

  • Most industrial keypad quotes supplied within 24 hours
  • Customer service support 8 am – 5 pm PST
  • Engineering support to provide cost assessment during the design phase
  • Domestic and off-shore prototype capability
  • Certified manufacturing facilities for quality system compliance
  • Ability to source prototype and volume production at the same manufacturing facility
  • Purchase orders and/or major credit cards accepted

Industrial Keypad Design Services

  • New product designs
  • Value engineering for existing designs
  • Component and/or performance engineering
  • Manufacturability analysis
  • Material selection support
  • Product retro-fits and upgrades

From a simple membrane switch to a full box-build, ALMAX has the industrial keypad manufacturing breadth you need to simplify your electronic supply chain, increase your switch quality and reduce your get your products to market faster.

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Product Suitable for Industrial Applications

SensTouch Membrane Keypad

Sealed Membrane Switches

sealed membrane switch

Metal Touch Membrane Switch

Capacitive keypad activated by a gloved fingergraphic overlay with full digital printing

Resistive Touchscreens