A Full Service Graphic Overlay Manufacturer

graphic overlay for medical deviceALMAX began as an engineering consulting firm specializing the design of electronic interface components.  Many of our customers then, as well as today, are graphic overlay printers that purchase our electronics so they can print and apply the final graphic overlay.

However, our OEM and EMS customers began to demand a streamlined supply chain both for cost reduction and tighter quality control.  We responded by purchasing graphic overlay printing equipment and adding graphic designers to our staff.  Now our visual art team partners with our engineering teams to design complete electronic interfaces – electronics plus the graphic overlay – that look and function beautifully.

For over twenty years we have partnered with our customers to bring high quality – correctly priced – electronic switches to market.  You now has the ability to source a beautiful looking and beautiful functioning switch from one supplier: ALMAX.

Graphic Overlay Manufacturing Capabilities

Our graphic overlay manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Domestic and off-shore prototypes
  • No minimum order value (MOV)
  • Order size flexibility from one piece to 1000+
  • Graphic design services
  • Polyester or polycarbonate base materials
  • Digital or screen printing
  • Color matching
  • Embossing
  • Transparent windows
  • Hard-coats
  • Selective adhesives or heat sealing
  • Engineering support to realize your switch technology

ALMAX is a full-service electronic interface manufacturer so you can source your switch from the product design through prototype and on to volume production.

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