Our Graphic Overlay Design Services

ALMAX can provide graphic overlay design from the inside out.  We can design your graphic overlay, help you fit switch electronics to your existing graphic overlay or just have one of our artists give you a fresh visual concept.

Graphic overlay design guidelines

Overlay Printing: Screen Printed Overlays Vs. Digitally Printed Graphic Overlays

There are two industrial overlay printing methods used to manufacture graphic overlays:

  • Screen printed overlays
  • Digitally printed graphic overlays

Here are a few guidelines to help you chose the graphic overlay printing that best suits your situation, including benefits and drawbacks:

  • Screen printed graphic overlays are typically less expensive
  • One or two color graphic overlays are typically screen printed
  • For exact color, matching requires screen printing
  • Photo-realistic images require a digitally printed graphic overlay
  • Graphic overlays with complex images are best printed digitally
  • Graphic overlay prototypes are typically digitally printed
  • Either method can be used for low to high volume production runs
  • Either method can be used for graphic overlays for use in rugged environments

Screen Printing

  • Ink is pushed through a stencil (screen) to the printing surface.
  • Requires separate artwork, screen & set up for each color.
  • Each color is a solid print and the colors are very brilliant.
  • Printing is done on the bottom side of the transparent substrate preventing ink from being scratched from the topside.
  • Complete control over ink deposition thickness.
  • Screen-printed inks are very durable.
  • The larger the volume the lower the cost because printing can be done very quickly
  • Screen printing is done on sheets or roll-to-roll
  • Color matching is very precise because each color is mixed, test printed and color checked
  • Conductive inks for circuits are also screen printed – includes silver ink, carbon ink, transparent conductive ink (PEDOT).
  • Texture & gloss hard-coats are also screen printed to enhance their durability and appearance.

Digital Printing

  • Inkjet or similar processes are used to apply ink to the printing surface.
  • Does not require screens and lengthy setups for each color.
  • Each color is applied at the same time.
  • Best for parts with gradients or a high degree of detail (such as photographs) and many varying colors.
  • Great for quick turn samples and low-volume projects.
  • High-speed digital printers are now available to compete with screen printing.
  • Digitally printed ink is not as thick as screen printing and often requires a screen-printed flood coat to increase durability and/or opaqueness.

Full-Service Graphic Overlay Design

ALMAX began as an engineering consulting firm specializing the design of electronic interface components.  Many of our customers then, as well as today, are graphic overlay printers that purchase our electronics so they can print and apply the final graphic overlay.

However our OEM customers began to demand a streamlined supply chain both for cost reduction and tighter quality control.  We responded by purchasing graphic overlay printing equipment and adding graphic designers to our staff.  Now our visual art team partners with our engineering teams to design complete electronic interfaces – electronics plus the graphic overlay – that look and function beautifully.

For over twenty years we have partnered with our customers to bring high quality – correctly priced – electronic switches to market.  You now has the ability to source a beautiful looking and beautiful functioning switch from one supplier: ALMAX.

Contact our engineering team for a complimentary design or cost review.  You may find that our graphic overlay designers can save you money and help you build a higher quality, better looking product.

Choose ALMAX To Design Your Design Graphics

Contact our engineering team for a complimentary design or cost review. You may find that our graphic overlay designers can save you money and help you build a higher quality, better-looking product.

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