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Who do I contact about my order?2018-10-15T17:57:33+00:00

Our customer service staff is located in US and available by phone from 8 am – 5 om pacific standard time.  We also check email frequently.  You can reach us at:


Will my off-shore order ship directly from the factory to the US?2016-03-18T19:58:32+00:00

Normally shipments go from our factories in main land China to Hong Kong prior to shipment to the USA. However, there are times when we ship directly from the factory to the USA but only when the extra day for shipping to Hong Kong needs to be avoided due to time constraints. Shipping from Hong Kong is best to avoid custom delays.

What is the best way to ship my order from China?2016-03-18T19:43:19+00:00
Any express carrier that gives you the best rate per kilogram. If your company has an international account, you probably have good rate. Of course if your shipment is heavy the cost of shipping can be expensive so one way our customers save money is by sea freight which typically takes two weeks.
Air freight is also available which is less expensive than express and takes 1-2 days longer than an express carrier.  Talk to your carrier about air freight options.
Is a MaxCap(TM) Switch a Capacitive Switch?2017-02-23T18:38:12+00:00

No.  ALMAX MaxCap switches are actually membrane switches with mechanical actuation.  However, the smooth glass or metal switch overlay gives a the high-end appearance of a capacitive switch at a much lower cost.

ALMAX does manufacture a full line of true capacitive switches, but if product aesthetics is the reason for incorporating a capacitive switch in your product design, you may get the desired effect at a lower cost by using one of the MaxCap solutions.

What engineering services do you supply?2016-03-18T19:56:47+00:00

Our engineering staff provides a full spectrum of electronic interface services including:

  • New Electronic Switch Design
  • Modifications to Existing Switch Designs
  • Manufacturability Reviews
  • Engineering Cost Reviews
  • Materials Selection
  • Logic Programming
  • Graphic Overlay Design

Our engineers are available by phone from 8 am – 5 pm pacific standard time.  We also check email frequently.  You can reach us at


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