Use a Heat-Sealed Membrane Switch to Protect Your Electronics


A membrane switch makes an excellent choice for humid or potentially wet environments – but only if the switch electronics are properly sealed.

Inadequate sealing of switch layers is a common cause of membrane switch failure. If the switch electronics are not properly sealed, moisture can penetrate the membrane switch and cause intermittent or complete switch failure. To prevent this, membrane switch layers should be sealed with heat under pressure.

Sealing a membrane switch is a manufacturing capability well outside of typical nameplate or graphic overlay companies. It is best to use a single-source supplier for your membrane switch electronics and your graphic overlay. This ensures you get a properly sealed interface.

Sealed membrane switches can be an economical solution for some product designs. Heat sealing adds processing time and material cost, but those up-front costs may be off-set by a reduction in product field failures. And a sealed membrane switch is likely a lower cost solution than rubber keypad or other ruggedized switching solution.

Manufacturers of sealed, custom membrane switches have engineering teams capable of evaluating your product switch needs and pricing parameters. And most offer this engineering service at no charge. Use their free design review service to determine if a sealed membrane switch would be a cost effective and reliable electronic interface for your product.

LED Membrane Switch Back-Lighting

Almax  introduces a proprietary MaxFilm® LED backlighting solution that can be used with virtually any interface product.

The LED technology can be designed into a new membrane switch or retrofitted into an existing switch design.

Advantages of MaxFilm LED Backlighting

  • Provides a more even light distribution than can be achieved using a traditional LED
  • Can light larger areas than a traditional LED
  • Durable construction makes it appropriate for higher use applications
  • Contains an energy efficient LED as the light source
  • Expanded product branding and design options as multiple light colors are available
  • Possible to retrofit the technology into an existing interface design
  • Can be used with a variety interface technologies including membrane switches and rubber keypads
  • Proprietary manufacturing process enables high quality backlighting at competitive pricing

Please contact our engineering team to request a product sample or discuss integrating MaxFilm LED backlighting into your new or existing interface design.