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ALMAX is a global capacitive switch manufacturer with capabilities ranging from touchscreens to our proprietary SensTouch membrane switch that simulates a capacitive switch while utilizing lower cost membrane switch technologies.

capacitive keypad with glove actuation

When you order your custom capacitive switch from ALMAX, it ships complete with the capacitive switch sensory circuit, decorative graphics, and your desired touch surface. We can also provide your capacitive switch with or without the final overlay.

As capacitive touch switch manufacturers, our capacitive switches can be manufactured to suit specialized environments including medical, industrial, and marine. You can choose to design a capacitive switch activated by gloved hands, a capacitive keypad activated through additional protective layers, or a moisture-resistant capacitive keypad with sealed switch electronics.

Key Benefits of a Capacitive Membrane Switch

  • Water immune solutions
  • Non-conductive glove touch
  • Ability to be backlit
  • Can incorporate haptic feedback
  • Line noise elimination
  • Surface touch or proximity
  • Multiple keys or sliders
  • Thin form factor even when backlit
  • Extremely fast touch response -160 milliseconds
  • Very low current requirements
  • Single or multiple cells – touch screens
  • An excellent solution for product upgrades or retrofitting
  • Configurable: I2C, SPI, TTL Serial UART, USB HID, RS232, RS485
  • Affordable technology

Capacitive Switch Uses

  • Energy Efficient – Green Environments
  • Complex Interface Assemblies
  • Critical Systems
  • Thin Format Requirements
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Wet Environments

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