Capacitive Keypads & Control Panels

We have decades of experience meeting the stringent regulations and certifications for the automotive, aerospace and medical device industries, which serve as benchmarks for all of the products we manufacture.

Custom Capacitive HMIs

ALMAX's Top-Tier Custom Capacitive Keypad Design & Manufacturing Capabilities Enable Us to Provide an Unparalleled Selection of Capacitive Touch Panel Solutions for Your Needs.


As an industry-leading manufacturer of custom capacitive keypads, we design capacitive touch solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. This means that you receive a touch panel that is perfectly adapted to your application, be it for a medical device, industrial control panel, or any other use case.


Utilizing our many years of expertise, we provide custom capacitive keypad services that allow our customers and end-users to benefit from increased functionality, seamless operation, and simplicity of use, all while taking advantage of our high-quality manufacturing processes.


The benefits of using ALMAX-made Capacitive Touch Panels:

Custom Capacitive Control Panels​

Capacitive Control Technologies

Capacitive controls are the basis for the intuitive nature of capacitive touch control panels. Each with its own unique uses and ever expanding portfolio of creative potential within a keypad system.


Capacitive controls come in many different forms such as buttons, button matrix’s, sliders, wheels, trackpads, touchscreens, proximity sensors, air gestures & more. 

Custom Capacitive Touch Sensors Flexible Printed
Custom Capacitive Keypad Graphic Overlay

Graphic Overlays For Capacitive Keypads

The overlay is a crucial component of the capacitive touch system, as it allows designers the opportunity to give their product a modern industrial design and also provides the ESD and environmental protections needed for accurate sensing and operation. ALMAX provides an immense amount of options in this category, including glass, metal, polyester, acrylic, polycarbonate and much more. For capacitive sensors that utilize finger movements, specialty textures and coatings can be added to the surface in order achieve the desired feel and tracking speed.

Backlit Capacitive Touch Panels

Backlighting capacitive touch panels and sensors is a bit trickier than your average electro-mechanical component, as LEDs and additional layers have to be chosen and laid out properly to avoid causing interference and noise to the capacitive signals.


Thanks to ALMAX’s long standing presence in the backlighting arena, we are able to provide an unmatched aesthetics and uniformity to our capacitive touch panels and sensors.

Custom Capacitive Keypad Backlighting
Custom Capacitive Keypad Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics & Capacitive Controls

With ALMAX’s expertise in both printed electronics and wearable technologies, we are able to create capacitive interfaces that utilize flexible and printed technologies, as well as in-mold or wearable processes, that are increasingly complex. With our unparalleled expertise in these disciplines, we are able to create capacitive interfaces on previously inconceivable surfaces and shapes.

Custom Capacitive Sensors


Capacitive Touch Wearables

Capacitive Wearables and Embroidery

Transparent Capacitive Sensors


Piezo Haptics for Capacitive Controls


Capacitive Keypads with Metal & Liquid

Metal Capacitive Touch Moisture Proof

Printed & Flexible Capacitive Touch


Capacitive Touch Manufacturing Services

ALMAX provides top tier manufacturing for a complete array of capacitive touch technologies. From concept design to volume manufacturing, our partners entrust their custom capacitive touch needs to our engineering and manufacturing teams. We specialize in solving human interface challenges and establishing quality control across the entire membrane switch manufacturing process.


In over 20 years, we have expanded our operations greatly, including a domestic prototype facility and two offshore manufacturing plants. This gives us the ability to meet high volumes of production.


ALMAX offers high quality sensors that serve a variety of industries. This is thanks to our state of the art facilities and processes, as well as our expert engineering team.

ALMAX Manufacturing Facility

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