We are Membrane Switch Experts

ALMAX manufactures a full line of membrane switches from the membrane switch electronics to the membrane switch graphic overlay.  Our company began as an engineering consulting firm and over the years our engineers have developed several several proprietary membrane switch technologies.  We can design your membrane switch or manufacture the membrane switch you design.

The membrane switches we manufacture are typically custom switches, but we do have standard designs you can use for inexpensive, fast product development.  Our deep expertise from the membrane switch electronics through the final graphic overlay makes ALMAX your preferred membrane switch supplier.

Why ALMAX for Your Membrane Switch

      • 20 Years of membrane switch design expertise
      • Proprietary membrane switch technologies
      • Extensive membrane switch product line
      • Membrane switch design and engineering support
      • Flexible lead times – 24 hour prototypes through standard production
      • Competitive pricing – off-shore and domestic
      • US based engineering and customer service teams
      • Easy ordering – purchase order or major credit card

We Began with Membrane Switch Design

ALMAX began as an engineering consulting company founded by two engineers well know in the electronic switch industry.  Solving human interface problems was the core business, but with many issues surrounding how membrane switches were manufactured, the founders realized that true membrane switch innovation required control over the membrane switch manufacturing process.
Ten years ago they purchased their first manufacturing facility and have grown to own three site, one domestic membrane prototype facility and two off-shore membrane switch manufacturing plants with prototype to volume capability.

10 Years of Membrane Switch Innovations

Membrane switch innovation has fueled ALMAX ten year growth into a leader in the manufacture of custom membrane switches.  Our engineers have developed proprietary membrane switch technologies including:

  • switch back-lighting
  • sealed membrane switches
  • capacitive-like actuation
  • glove actuation
  • metal-like keypad finishes
  • networked membrane switches

We help companies build custom membrane switches that communicate their brand’s promise at a price point that makes purchasing teams smile.

Ready to Streamline Your Supply Chain?

We supply membrane switches to global OEMs down to single piece prototypes to VC seeking start-ups.  If you want membrane switch electronics without the graphic overlay – we can do that.  If you want a complex membrane switch including a professionally designed overlay – we can do that too.

Because of our product depth and manufacturing control we can often produce custom membrane switches at prices similar to an off-the-shelf membrane switch.  Purchasing teams save time because our sales team delivers responsive service from quotation through shipment.

Unless you enjoy online commodity catalogs, purchasing your membrane switch from ALMAX may be the easiest way to meet your project goals.

Our responsive sales team will quote most membrane switch products within 24 hours and our North American engineering support can help with your membrane switch design or provide manufacturing cost assessments.

From a simple membrane switch to a full box-build, ALMAX has the membrane switch manufacturing breadth you need to simplify your electronic supply chain, increase your membrane switch quality and reduce your membrane switch pricing.

Membrane Switch Product Line

SensTouch Membrane Keypad

SensTouch Membrane Switch

sealed membrane switch

Sealed Membrane Switch

backlit membrane switch

Membrane Switch Back-Lighting

metal dome membrane switch on copper flex PCB

Metal Dome Membrane Switch

consumer membrane switch educational toy

Polyester Dome Membrane Switch

What Our Customers Say

“ALMAX EIS contributes to PCP/NPI cost savings without compromising our product quality”
NPI Engineering Team, Philips Medical