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ALMAX Showcases Electronic Interface Design Technologies at ID TechEX

ALMAX Electronic Interface Solutions (ALMAX EIS) sent an engineering team to the ID TechEX show.  The ALMAX interface design engineers provided free design reviews and product demonstrations during the show. The ALMAX booth at IDTechEx showcased printed electronics capabilities that can support emerging technologies that are rapidly changing circuit and touch requirements.  Products that were [...]

Use a Heat-Sealed Membrane Switch to Protect Your Electronics

  A membrane switch makes an excellent choice for humid or potentially wet environments – but only if the switch electronics are properly sealed. Inadequate sealing of switch layers is a common cause of membrane switch failure. If the switch electronics are not properly sealed, moisture can penetrate the membrane switch and cause intermittent or [...]

LED Membrane Switch Back-Lighting

Almax EIS introduces a proprietary MaxFilm® LED backlighting solution that can be used with virtually any interface product. The LED technology can be designed into a new membrane switch or retrofitted into an existing switch design. Advantages of MaxFilm LED Backlighting Provides a more even light distribution than can be achieved using a traditional LED Can light [...]